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Tessa Dawn's Newest Release Dragons Realm

Tessa Dawn's new book, Dragons Realm, is a dark fantasy success. Dragons Realm follows Blood Vengeance, her #1 hit in the Blood Curse Series on Amazon.

Congratulations, Tessa.

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Ghost Pines Publishing is an independent press dedicated to quality dark fantasy fiction. Our mission is to promote distinctive literary voices in a rapidly evolving industry. Our primary area of interest is series; but we also consider single-title, short stories, and novellas.

We try to publish 1-2 full length titles per year and are hoping to expand our short stories and novellas at the same rate. We would rather give a few Works a lot of attention than a lot of Works minimal attention. As of October, 2015, 7 out of our titles have hit a combined eleven Amazon Bestseller lists in Kindle and Books.

While our titles may be published in Hard Cover, Trade Paperback, or Mass Market, our primary area of focus is digital electronic format, and we place a premium on leading-edge technology.